Enneagram Test

Enneatype 9 - the peacemaker


Everybody perceive reality through a system of lens:
- The instinct (conservation): visceral / physical
- The feeling (relationship): emotional
- The thought (adaptation): mental

Dimensions are important

The contact with the environment gives rise to the 3 adaptive reaction, which correspond to 3 of the basic emotions:
- Anger, which has its roots in the instinctive sphere
- Pain and Addiction, which has its roots in the emotional sphere
- Fear that has its roots in the mental sphere

Individuals in childhood, acting for their own welfare, they try to make up for the deficiencies of the environment.
The adaptive reaction, elicit responses in the individual and they structure the character.

The type 9 belongs to the types of istinctive dimension

Characteristics of istinctive dimension
- It has to do with the aggressiveness directed against themselves, toward others or suppressed.
- Rabies occurs or repress or deny.
- Anger is the knee-jerk reaction to the need to suppress themselves or others. If we feel this desire as too destructive, we deny it.
- Borders, tension, numbness.
- Oriented to the present.
- See life as a constant competition.
- "I should be powerful, so nothing can destroy me"
- Enterprising, which make the element of bodily sensations which are oriented in reality

Directions: Extraversion, Introversion and Avoidance

Within each psychological dimension (ISTINCTIVE, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL), there is a special way to cope with the emotion of their area of origin, using the extroversion or introversion emotional response.
Jung argues that there is an ability, an attitude that characterizes the orientation of the psyche.
Introversion and extraversion, are both present in everyone, but one of the two trends is dominant.
Is the tendency to look inward, organize reality starting from the inner self. The introvert depicts the world with personal schemas.
is the orientation towards the external reality, because the input is coming from there.
is the opening to what is outside the self. Their thinking, feeling and acting are in relation to external factors.
Then there is a third intermediate mode, the avoidant. A way of being that tends to deny. In this way, the visceral, emotional or mental area is hidden, removed.

The type 9 belongs to the instinctual dimension in the avoidant direction.

Characteristics of Nine
- Peace, harmony, unity are her main values.
- She avoids conflict and is tolerant of others.
- She is a person who tends to be methodical and prefers the routine and familiar things.
- She is inclined to look at things objectively and fairly.
- Has great negotiation skills, mediation and ability to listen to others' opinions, taking into account the different moods.
- She has ability to take independent decisions in her own time and ways.
- She has a tendency to remain outside the conflict without excessive customization.
- She likes to do things in order to feel comfortable.
- She gives the impression of being humble, but it's just false modesty and fear to shine.

Type 9 in order to grow and develop her talents must develop the qualities of Light and Intelligence.
She must integrate her strategy of behavior, which leads her to do everything to feel peaceful, through openness to others and through the development of wise will.
What to do? The psychodynamic we can help.
There is a powerful tool that is our Creative Mind. There is a powerful tool that is our Creative Mind.

Map is not the territory.
Nonetheless, the discovery of a regularity in human behavior indicates and contemplates the possibility of change.